Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kanzashi Flowers

DIY Satin Fabric Kanzashi Flowers 
These pretty and elegant flowers are super easy to make and pretty to look at too. Kanzashi are traditional japanese ornaments for hair. Today it is known for the silk cloth flowers that adorn the tsumami kanzashi. It can also refer to the technique of folding cloth used to make these flowers.

These ones here are made from 5cmX5cm ribbon and satin cloth squares of 3cmX3cm and embellished with rhinestones. They are pretty simple to make but require lots of patience and a steady hand. I've had to use 2 sizes of tweezers and a nose plier for some of the more complicated folds. I also recommend using a high temperature glue gun to held the flowers together. I glued the flowers to 3 inch barrettes.

And practice makes perfect :) 
I've made about 50 of them so far. Experimenting with different kinds of fabric is fun. Some of the stiffer fabric (such as the red fabric in the pic above) is easier to work and gives you very crisp lines. Some of the softer fabric works better for leaves or nested petals (such as the white fabric above).
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