Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Golden Paper Dahlias

This is a simple idea I came up with, after inspiration struck when I saw several felt dahlia tutorials. Dahlias are a very pretty flower and their simple rotational symmetry make them an ideal flower to use as inspiration in crafts.

For this project, I used Gold wrapping paper but you can use whatever kind of paper or fabric that you desire. Just remember to try it out and see if the medium, you chose, holds its shape.

Gold Wrapping Paper
Ruler, Pencil & Eraser
Liquid Glue (I used Elmer's Glue although you can use hot glue)
Black Construction Paper


1) Cut out heptagons of decreasing sizes (as shown in the figure to the right) . I would experiment with the sizes as I wanted the next layers of petals to fully cover the gaps in between. Depending, on the look you want, the sizes will differ. I was aiming for three layers, but it came out as four to five layers.

You can use double sided paper to cut the shapes out of. What ever side is in the inside of the roll will be the color of the petal. Whichever color is in the inside will be the dominant color. The side on the outside will show around the edges so it will become the secondary color.

2) You then roll the heptagon so the pointed end sticks out and the short edges meet together. Glue takes a little time to dry, so taping the edges together holds the shape better. I put the Gold side facing inward in the cone.

I rolled about 11 cones for the bottom layer (the biggest cones). For every subsequent layer,  rolled less and less cones.

3) I then glued the same size petals down so that the petals touch each lengthwise. I then glued the next layer's petals so that they rest in between the big petals on the bottom layer.

4) You keep layering the petals until the entire flower is complete without any holes. I filled the flower on the top with 3 small petals. But you can stop there are put something else in the middle such as a button, bead, crystal, or something else. I have also tried putting a pine-cone painted in gold.

5) And there you have it folks! A step by step tutorial of how to make a golden dahlia. You can make small ones to decorate Christmas trees or fill bowls for table centerpieces. Or for any other occasion. 

Have fun and experiment and don't forget to comment below and share your successes!