Sunday, July 24, 2016

Colorful Wall Decorations

This is an awesome and fun temporary wall decoration for parties. You can take your favorite rangoli or mandala designs and convert them to pretty decorations. What I did was pick out my favorite designs and then cut them out of colored construction paper. For shiny or sparkly paper, I simply used shiny gift wrap. I then decorated the paper with glitter glue, metallic scribble paint, and acrylic rhinestones. Once everything is dry, you can tape it up onto your walls with blue painter's tape so you don't damage your walls. I recommend make sure your design is small pieces so that it will actually stay on the wall. The problem with having one big piece is that there is a greater chance of it falling down due to how heavy it is. Have fun and get as colorful as you want!

Initial Blue Peacock holding a Sitar

How the pieces will be arranged on the wall
Letters that will spell out Diwali
Mandala on the wall

Inspiration Design

Blue Peacock holding Sitar
Blue Peacock playing the Tablas

Colors of Mandalas

It is easy to get lost in geometric patterns full of color. Pick up a couple of color pencils and let your imagination take you places. For me, I explored several different paths and ended up here. Happy wandering!
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Zentangle Notebook Cover

It is fun to doodle and there is something very entrancing about organized chaos. This was done with black ink and then sealed with Modpodge. Have fun trying out different shapes and patterns. For this particular piece: the different mandalas and flowers have very little in common. The only continuity in this piece is black ink.
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